Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

At, we are committed to maintaining user privacy and the security of any personal data collected.

Website Use

Whilst using our website we may collect the following data :

  • Information about your location
  • Data about which web pages you have viewed and how long you viewed these pages.
  • The IP address used to view our website and web pages.

Cookie Use

To offer an enhanced experience to our website users, cookies are used to provide details about the device used by the user. These cookies won’t hold any personal data about yourself. They’ll just store information about how you used our website to help or improve future user experience.

If a user chooses to disable the use of cookies, or the system does not all this it will not effect how you use

Storage of personal data

Any personal data about you that provide is stored securely and remotely on a hard drive. Any personal data submitted is subject to the internet connection and sensitivity at the time, of which we are unable to guarantee the privacy of this.

use of personal data

Personal data that you give us is used to help us provide services for learner driver and users wanting information about driving lessons. Here are some of the ways we use data from our users :

  • To send you relevant information about our services or goods which you many find beneficial.
  • To inform you of any changes to our website or services.

We keep your personal information as long as is necessary to carry out your request or service. We do not share your information with any other organisations.

If you would like to access and data held about you by our company you can do so by sending us an email to

Contact us

For any questions about our privacy policy simply contact us.